Friday Bullet Points Dipped in Nostalgia

It is raining again… which is a good thing in California… and a spate of different things have rolled across my screen, all of which interest me but which don’t quite warrant a full blog post yet, so we’re back to Friday bullet points.

Age of Empires Restrictive Edition

I was keen as mustard when it was announced last June that Microsoft was working on a remaster of the original Age of Empires.  While I was always more of an Age of Empires II – The Age of Kings fan… and I own the remaster of that already… I was still in for the original.

Age of Empires

After a long stretch of silence, there was finally some news about the game.

On the upside of things, the remaster will be available come February 20, 2018, so it will be here soon.

On the down side, the game will ONLY be av...

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Now Available on Steam – Nantucket, 10% off!

Nantucket is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*

Chase after Moby Dick, and live through the Golden Age of American whaling in this seafaring strategy game. Set sail around the world, manage your ship and crew, and live Ishmael’s story, the sole survivor of the Pequod, a few years after the events narrated by Herman Melville in his masterpiece.

*Offer ends January 25 at 10AM Pacific Time


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‘The Room: Old Sins’ Is up for Pre-Order on iOS Ahead of Its January 25th Release Date with an Android Release Following Later

The Room franchise on iOS and Android is one of my favourites. It is another one of those franchises that began on mobile but has expanded to non mobile platforms but these games still play best on a nice touch screen. The Room: Old Sins [] was announced to release on January 25th on iOS with an Android release following after. It is now up for pre-order on iOS for $4.99. Watch the trailer for it below:

I love The Room franchise for how it manages to push visuals and constantly impress me with puzzles and narrative intertwined into fantasti...

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Take a Look at the Trailer for the Fourth Episode of Telltale’s ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’

Telltale’s continuation of Batman: The Telltale Series [Free], Batman: The Enemy Within [Free] is racing towards its conclusion with the fourth episode due out across PC, consoles, and mobile next Tuesday. The formula Telltale usually follows with these episodic games typically leads to episode four rapidly building towards the conclusion of the story with the fifth episode delivering all the pay-off to that built-up. Check out the trailer:

I really am into these Batman games. I’ve mentioned this whenever I’ve posted about them, but I really appreciate how they actually intensely involve playing as Bruce Wayne in parallel with Batman. Decisions you make as each alter ego impacts the other, and it’s super clever how it all works out...

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First Trailer for ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ Revealed, Pre-Registration Open Now

In addition to a “Pokemon GO but for Harry Potter” with the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Jam City also has a new Harry Potter game in the works which they initially announced back in December called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. It’s a story-driven RPG where you’ll create a character who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at some point “between Harry Potter’s birth and his enrollment at Hogwarts, when Nymphadora Tonks and Bill Weasley were students.” As a student at Hogwarts, you’ll “attend classes, learn magical skills, form friendships or rivalries with other students, and make pivotal decisions that will influence their character’s story arc as they traverse their years at Hogwarts and grow as a witch or wizard.” So… Bully [$6.99] but Harry Potter? Here’...

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One of the Best Portable Chargers for the Switch and iOS Devices is On Sale Right Now

One of the worst situations that I ever find myself in is to be out and about with a phone that’s pretty close to death. For me that always seems to happen during a long day trip at Disneyland, where the outlets are always camped out (yes, this is actually a thing) and the in-park portable batteries are mediocre at best. Similar situations happen to me and my Nintendo Switch, where a lot of the standard USB car chargers and the like just don’t have the chops needed to adequately charge it on the go.

Last year we talked about the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD, which is still one of the best portable chargers on the go. It really is (and continues to be) the go-to behemoth if you want a single solution to charge nearly any portable device on the go...

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Mooff Games is Teasing Some ‘Blackmoor 2’ Footage on their Twitter

Something caught my eye and I meant to tell you all about it earlier this week, but dang it all if the week hasn’t just slipped on by me and here we are already at Thursday. Better late than never, I guess. Anyway as you might already know I’m a massive fan of Mooff Games, as they’ve somehow been able to capture that special sauce that makes games so fun and dress them up with all sorts of silly parodies of pop culture and video games. Their Toon Shooters [Free] is a riff on classic horizontal scrolling shoot ’em ups, Maximus [Free] is like a love letter to brawlers like Golden Axe, and Blackmoor [Free] is something of a hybrid fighting game/platformer which feels a lot like Castlevania and Street Fighter II had a lovechild...

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Strange Arcade Eating Game ‘Yum Yummy Superlicious’ is Looking for Beta Testers

I’ll admit I have a juvenile sense of humor, but working in mobile games so long makes you a bit adverse to poopy and fart stuff. There’s just so many games that hang their hat on natural bodily functions that it’s grown a bit stale. But pooping to propel yourself through the vastness of space? I’m always on board for that. And that’s pretty much the premise behind Yum Yummy Superlicious, the silly name of the upcoming game from Toronto-based studio Tendril. You’ll play as Yum, a plucky little… creature thing, as he (she?) eats their way through an endless supply of food that’s floating around in space for some reason. You’ll then poop to propel yourself forward to gobble up even more food while avoiding things like crazy monsters and space junk. Check out the trailer.

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